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Ragoll Men (Sandbox)

You Will Need These Items To Play This Game:
  • Shockwave Flash/Standalone Flash
  • A Non Mobile Device
  • 6mb Of Space
What Is It About?

It's A Simple Sandbox Of A Totally Physics Based Game (not totally) , You Can Spawn Explosive Barrels And Boxes And Spawn Stars , You May Grab Boxes Too , It Also Records Your Player And The 2nd Time You Play It , It Will Play Your Movement.


❖ Arrows - Move 

❖ Q&E - Move Hands/Grab Objects

❖ Space - Spawn Selected Item

❖ Slider - Choose Item

❖ Z + X - Hands Point Towards Mouse (Toggle) [Grabbing Toggle]

❖Point At Box + Up/Down = Climb Up/Down  [If Grabbing Toggle Is On]

❖0 - Set As Follower/Drawer/Invisible (Drawing Follower)

Can I Play It On Mobile?

Playing It On Apple Or Android Is Currently Unavailable , May Be Able To Play After A Certain Period Of Time (Will Not Be Directly Available For Mobile) , This May Be A Struggle To Implement (Will Keep It As Simple As A Click For Everything (Joystick , Press Top Right To Spawn And Select , Ect , Ect)

Install instructions

Download Either Shockwave Flash Or Standalone Flash To Run The File.

Open Shockwave Flash/Standalone Flash

Press The Open Button In The Drop Down Menu In The Top Left And Select The File.


RagollMen (1.0A) oldest.swf 6 MB
RagollMen - (1.1A).swf 6 MB
RagollMen (1.2A) latest.swf 6 MB

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